pink sapphire and diamond ring

Are your rings starting to lose their lustre or beginning to appear old and scuffed? Cleaning your ring regularly is an important part of jewellery upkeep and doesn’t have to be too complicated if you know how. Unfortunately, most people don’t know where to start and trial and error based on tips found off the internet may not deliver the results you want. So, what is the right way to clean your ring?

Get It Right: The Correct Way to Clean Your Ring at Home

It’s important to clean your ring at home regularly (at least once a week) if you wear it all the time. This helps gets rid of any dirt and oil build-up that might have happened over the course of the week and makes it easier to handle when you do a major clean-up of the ring. This can be done easily at home with warm water and mild dishwashing liquid soap. Just soak the ring in the mix for about 20 minutes or so and then wipe dry gently with a soft, clean cloth. Avoid using any kind of chemicals to clean it. This could damage the metal and the stones permanently.

Even toothpaste and baking soda should be avoided because they’re abrasive and could spoil the appearance of the gold. Strong cleaners like acetone can affect the integrity of the materials in the ring making them susceptible to damage. Stick to gentle cleaning with the warm water solution and rinse off under lukewarm water. Nothing more is needed. Super-soft toothbrushes can be used for stubborn build up under settings.

Leave it to the Professionals

Did you know you can also get your rings cleaned and serviced at  a Melbourne jeweller? Most high-end jewellers offer jewellery restorations services, including cleaning and polishing old rings. Doing this can take the uncertainty out of your ring maintenance and prevent damage from rookie mistakes! Especially with high value-rings, it may be wiser to leave the job to the pros.

How Often Should You Clean Your Ring at the Jeweller?

Rings certainly don’t need to be cleaned by the jeweller every other week, but what frequency is ideal? It really depends on a number of things like how often you use the ring, whether you exercise frequently while wearing your ring, whether you work a lot with your hands and also the kind of metal and stones it has. Typically, about twice a year is good. If you can’t manage that, ensure you have it serviced at least once a year.

Jewellery Restoration Services in Melbourne

If you are in and around the Melbourne area, your needs are easily taken care of! Abrecht Bird Jewellers has a team of professional for your jewellery restoration, a team who are skilled at looking after delicate heirloom pieces that need special care. Ensuring your ring is in the best possible condition is our expertise! Besides metal and gem polishing and cleaning, the team will also replace any missing or chipped stones or do plating if required. If your ring is a little worse for wear, or you haven’t had it checked out in quite some time, it could be well worth getting the jewellers to give it some TLC.

If you’d like to bring your rings or jewelery in for us to take a look at please give us a call on (03) 9650 3830 to book an appointment.