Hinged Rings

Hinged Ring, Engagement & Wedding Rings Designed in Melbourne CBD

Wear your rings in comfort with the ‘Abrecht Hinged Ring’®

Customers who suffer from swollen knuckles can wear their precious rings because we have created a solution. Hinged rings are a really practical solution for people who can’t wear their rings due to swollen knuckles.

Hinged rings eliminates the problem of having a ring that doesn’t fit over an enlarged knuckle.  Consequently the ring then slips around on the thinner base of your finger.

How Does A Hinged Ring Work?

The manufacturing jewellers developed a mechanism with a special unobtrusive clasp. The clasp opens around the ring and fits when closed, therefore it can then bypass the knuckle easily.

Furthermore the inbuilt safety catch makes the hinged ring reliable. Our hinged ring is different to any other system because it is specifically designed so it doesn’t snag on clothing or furniture.

Depending on your unique requirements the ring can either be modified or similarly the hinge itself can be applied to a new ring.

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