Anniversary Gemstones

Abrecht Bird Jewellers will source, supply and include only the very best coloured gemstones, diamonds and pearls for your precious jewellery.

Please see below for specific information on gemstones. You will also find specific information on birthstone gemstones and zodiac gemstones on their respective pages.

Anniversary Gemstones

1st ~ Pearl

2nd – Garnet

Matching cufflinks and dress studs made from yellow gold and jade

3rd – Jade

4th ~ Blue Topaz

pink tourmaline and diamond ring, tourmaline ring, pink tourmaline, Abrecht Bird, Abrecht Bird Jewellers,

5th ~ Pink Tourmaline

Turquoise, Yellow Gold and Turquoise Ring

6th ~Turquoise

Abrecht Bird Jewellers, onyx, 7th anniversary gemstone, emerald pendant, onyx pendant, white gold pendant, diamond pendant, art deco pendant

7th ~ Onyx

Abrecht Bird Jewellers, Tanzanite, Tanzanite and diamond pendant, white gold pendant, diamond and tanzanite, purple, blue,

8th ~ Tanzanite

peridot, amethyst, Abrecht Bird, Yuki Mathwin, trilliant, green, purple,

9th ~ Amethyst

10th ~ Diamond

Abrecht Bird Jewellers, Citrine, citrine pendant, citrine and diamond pendant,

11th ~ Citrine

opal and diamond ring, custom made opal ring, Abrecht Bird, Abrecht Bird Jewellers, quality hand made designs, Greg John, custom made engagement rand wedding ring

12th ~ Opal

Moonstone, gold earrings, moonstone drop earrings, moonstone earrings, Abrecht Bird Jewellers

13th ~ Moonstone

14th ~ Opal

White gold ruby and diamond drop earrings.

15th ~ Ruby

peridot, mint quartz, quartz, peridot earrings, quartz earrings, gold earrings, drop earrings,

16th ~ Peridot


17th ~ Carnelian

Two tone pendant, Abrecht Bird Jewellers, Aquamarine pendant, blue, diamond,

18th ~ Aquamarine

garnet drop earrings, orange garnet, drop earrings, diamond drop earrings, Abrecht Bird, Abrecht Bird Jewellers, mandarin garnet

19th ~ Garnet

20th ~ Diamond

Tsavorite and pink sapphire ring, pink and green ring, coloured rings, custom made coloured rings, oval gemstone rings, green and pink rings

25th ~ Tsavorite

Pearl Long Strand

30th ~ Pearl

18 carat white gold emerald and diamond ring

35th ~ Emerald

40th wedding anniversary, July birthstone, Abrecht Bird Jewellers, ruby, ruby and diamond ring, ruby ring, two tone ring, gold, channel set, Greg John,

40th ~ Ruby

45th ~ Sapphire

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50th ~ Golden Topaz

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55th ~ Alexandrite

three diamond pendant, white gold diamond pendant, diamond, pendant, Abrecht Bird Jewellers

60th ~ Diamond