Anniversary Gemstones

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Abrecht Bird Jewellers will source, supply and include only the very best coloured gemstones, diamonds and pearls for your precious jewellery.

Please see below for specific information on gemstones. You will also find specific information on birthstone gemstones and zodiac gemstones on their respective pages.

Anniversary Gemstones

1st ~ Pearl

2nd – Coral

3rd – Turquoise

4th ~ Amber

5th ~ Diamond

6th ~ Sapphire

8th ~ Amethyst

10th ~ Diamond

11th ~ Garnet

12th ~ Citrine

13th ~ Lapis

14th ~ Opal

15th ~ Diamond

16th ~ Jade

17th ~ Emerald

18th ~ Malachite

19th ~ Beryl

20th ~ Diamond

25th ~ Silver

30th ~ Diamond

35th ~ Pearl

40th ~ Ruby

45th ~ Sapphire

50th ~ Gold

55th ~ Emerald

60th ~ Diamond