Jewellery Restoration

One of the most precious things you own is your jewellery. Whether handed down to you as a family heirloom or custom made, all jewellery needs maintenance and restoration.

Abrecht Bird Jewellers is the one-stop destination for wide-ranging jewellery restoration and repair work. From vintage jewellery remakes to exquisite jewellery design, we have the right experts for every kind of jewellery restoration requirement.

Our expertise in jewellery restoration for over a century. Our expertise in the industry dates back more than 100 years.

Former competitors as manufacturers and wholesalers, Fred. Robt. Abrecht (established in 1875) and J Bird and Son (1910) joined forces and now fourth generation descendants of these families are continuing this rich legacy in Melbourne with Leon Corn, son-in-law of third generation Noel Abrecht and Peter Bird at the helm. Greg John, our master designer, comes with experience of over 40 years with legendary skills in designing, sketching and manufacturing exquisite jewellery.
So, whether you are looking for bespoke jewellery design or for jewellery restoration, Abrecht Bird Jewellers is the right choice.

Why remake old jewellery?

Jewellery is subject to many kinds of stresses in day-to-day usage, most notably, claws holding precious gems and bands wear thin over time. Repairs can remedy this for a time, but this cannot go on forever. Sometimes it is simply more practical to continue the life and significance of precious family gems by reconstructing – either in the original design or by creating a new, perhaps more contemporary piece.

Remaking old jewellery into new

As the leading jewellery restoration destination in Melbourne, we have the required skills, techniques, tools and technology to carry out simple to complex tasks.
We are the experts in wide-ranging jewellery restoration services that include:

• Vintage jewellery restoration
• Repairs of gemstone settings
• Gemstone replacement
• Diamond replacement
• Rhodium Plating
• Chain repair
• Modern jewellery restoration
• Pearl restringing
• Metal polishing and cleaning
• Insurance Replacement
• Complex repairs

As the most trusted and renowned jewellery restoration specialists in Melbourne, we have the required cutting-edge technology and unparalleled skills to restore any family jewellery to its original glory. With a fast turnaround time and highly personalised service, you can be assured your most treasured possessions are always in good hands.

If you are looking to remake any jewellery you are welcome. You can peruse our stock photographs of custom-made designs to get some unique ideas or consult our master designer Greg John who can help you with bespoke designs that make your jewels stand apart. A digital design can then presented to you to help you view the design before finalising it. Once the new design for your old jewellery is approved, our master craftsmen go to work to produce the perfect new piece of jewellery – one that can be loved by you and your descendants.