Yuki Mathwin – JAA design competition piece

Theme of eclipse

A little while ago there was an in-house design competition focusing around the theme of an eclipse.

An eclipse is the phenomenon of one entity passing in front of another. This “in-house” theme was based on an astronomical eclipse.

Inspiration behind Yuki’s piece

The black diamond represents the moon, the yellow sapphire represents the sun and the white diamonds are the rest of the stars in the night sky.

Read more about Yuki here and be sure to follow her on Instagram to see how her beautiful work is made.

Be sure to visit and view Yuki’s piece while it’s on display in our gallery. Hers and many others are part of an ongoing Abrecht Bird Jewellers gallery with changing themes and pieces from past clients and designs for purchase.

Design your own piece of Abrecht Bird Jewellery today by making an appointment. Contact us 03 9650 3830 or email us for questions or details info@abrecht.com.au

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