Why Should You Invest In A Quality Engagement Ring?

Why Should You Invest in a Quality Engagement Ring?

When you have found the love of your life, the sky is the limit as far as your happiness is concerned.  As it is with every couple, you would want to make your engagement memorable and special with the perfect engagement ring.  Whether you go for gold or diamonds, investing in a quality engagement ring is important in the long run.

Signs of poor quality

The most popular engagement ring metals are yellow, white or rose gold and platinum. While white gold and platinum look similar, platinum is much more durable. Whatever metal you chose to wear for the rest of your life should be made with the utmost attention to detail. Diamonds should be perfect in terms of cut, colour and clarity while being evenly set. Mass produced or cast rings often can be cheaper but are of lower quality.

Poor casting, porosity, uneven cuts and hollowed foundations are the hallmarks of poor-quality engagement rings. These rings are cheaper but break down over a period of time, which means higher costs of repair. They are light in weight, thus saving money – to begin with.

Examining how the diamonds are set in a channel set engagement ring is important to understand the quality of work. A channel set ring has diamond accents which are placed in the “channel” that is formed by the precious metal’s strips. Grooves on the metal walls are meant to hold these diamonds securely. Small gaps or unevenly set stones may result in them falling out altogether or extensive chipping.

The other aspects to look for are porosity and rough spots on the metal. Porosity refers to tiny holes on the surface of the metal. These holes can cause breakdown of the metal over time while rough spots can mean the ring can attract dirt or chemicals.

Poor quality engagement rings can feature little bubbles that make the metal brittle and weak. Improper alloy mixing, over or under “cooking” and poor casting can cause porosity.

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