Handmade Engagement Ring

Are you looking for an exquisite handmade engagement ring that is perfect for your partner? They say that anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart. At Abrecht Bird Jewellers, we strongly believe the same goes for engagement rings.

There are many beautiful engagement rings out there, but there are few that can capture the heart as well. At Abrecht Bird Jewellers, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful engagement rings that are both eye-catching and heart-stopping.

What’s more? You can even design your own ring so that you don’t have to compromise on something that doesn’t truly speak to you. We understand that you value your relationship, and that an engagement ring is a testament of how much love and respect you have for your partner, and that you are willing to spend the rest of your lives with them. Therefore, at Abrecht Bird Jewellers, we offer nothing less than the utmost quality when it comes to that special ring.

Whether you love a more modern style or classic, we’ve got just the right engagement ring for you. With our extensive collection of gemstones, diamonds and a variety of metals, you never run out of options to create your own personalised engagement ring.

The Abrecht Bird difference

For many years, we have faithfully provided Melbourne with high-quality custom-made jewellery, made from quality gemstones and metals, handmade by the finest crafters who make sure every little detail of the engagement ring is exactly where and how it should be. In fact, our legacy goes back to more than 140years, when Friedrich Robert Abrecht commenced his jewellery business in 1875, followed in 1910 with establishment of J. Bird and Son and this legacy has been carried on for four generations in both families. The amalgamation in 1992 of both businesses, known now as Abrecht Bird was a natural fit. Today, we are proud to say that our values and devotion to quality have not faltered.

Quality Without Compromise

We stay true to our motto of “quality without compromise” and our list of satisfied customers and their family members who keep coming back to us for all their jewellery needs is a testimony to this. We assure the highest level of quality right from sourcing, designing, crafting and showcasing till your engagement ring reaches your hand.

Still not convinced that Abrecht Bird Jewellers is your ultimate choice for all your custom jewellery needs? Here are some points that should convince you:

• We have many years experience in creating custom jewellery for all kinds of clients with varying tastes and values. Moreover, our rich century plus legacy has established us as a leading name in the Australian jewellery market.
• We are passionate about helping you create the perfect engagement ring of your dreams and showcase a variety of gemstones from which to choose.
• Our master designers will present you with unique designs that accurately represent your relationship, the interests, personality and values of your partner. Our designers have years of experience, so you can rest assured that your ring will come out just as you imagined it.

Come to Abrecht Bird Jewellers to find the engagement ring your partner deserves!