Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond set wedding rings have increased in popularity over the last decade. Some designs feature gems set in a full circle, others confine the diamonds to the top of the band. If the engagement ring design features diamond set shoulders, it can be enhanced by a wedding ring set in the same was.

Others prefer a plain (or classic) band without gems. Such a simple band will not compete with the beauty of the engagement ring.

When choosing a wedding band, the couple should be mindful of the fact that the ring must be durable, capable of daily wear for perhaps 50 years or more. The method of production is critical from this point of view. A forged or handmade ring is ‘work hardened’ and will be many times stronger than one that is mass manufactured – usually the result of pouring gold into a mould.

Initially only worn by wives, the exchange of wedding rings by couples has now become customary in Australia. Nothing can compare with the wedding ring as a symbol of ever-lasting love and devotion.

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