Top 5 Most Popular Engagement Rings

Top 5 Most Popular Engagement Rings

Popping the question to your special someone is always an exciting (and nerve-wracking) moment, but it can be so much easier if you know you’ve found the perfect engagement ring. If a trip to the jewellers on your own or with your significant other seems daunting, here’s a quick roundup of some of the best and most popular engagement ring styles. You’re sure to find something that appeals to you both.

1. The Classic Solitaire

A ring as timeless as your relationship, you can’t go wrong with a solitaire engagement ring. A beautifully cut diamond takes centre stage in this engagement ring style, a ring that’s as precious as the person who wears it. Said to have been around since the 1800s, this is one design that hasn’t changed much through the years – and with good reason. Elegant, graceful, and oh-so-beautiful, a solitaire engagement ring has ‘tasteful’ written all over it.

2. An Infinity Ring

As the name suggests, the infinity engagement ring style adds another dimension to the design with the inclusion of a stylised infinity symbol. A lovely way to let your significant other know that you are in this together, forever. The gentle curves of the infinity symbol lend themselves to being inlaid with diamonds or for the use of different shades of gold to make something that’s truly unique.

3. Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The princess cut diamond sits beautifully on an engagement ring that’s both classic and modern. The contemporary style of the cut makes it an updated style to wear, while the brilliance is as evident as in a more traditional round cut stone. You might even trade in the classic diamond for a stone of your choice. The deep blue of a sapphire, fiery red of a ruby, or the endlessly rich green of an emerald perhaps?

4. Vintage Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Many people love a style that stands the test of time – and for some, a vintage engagement ring design can be the epitome of everything great about an engagement ring. The cushion cut allows a stone to show off its every facet, catching the light and creating a luminous announcement to the world that you’re now officially engaged!

5. A Halo Setting

If you can’t choose between the shimmer that little stones bring and the brilliance of a large centre stone, the halo ring setting is ideal for you. Popular with couples who love a little extra sparkle in their lives, the halo style engagement ring has one centre stone surrounded by a number of smaller celebratory stones.

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