New equipment for our ‘Workshop Experience’

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Article by Jeweller Eleanor Hawke

Over the last few extraordinary years there have been some changes in the workshop.
As we focus more on including our clients in the creation of their exciting new jewellery via the ‘Workshop Experience’ program, we have added new equipment and tools to our arsenal.

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The rolling mills have been updated to a larger, single column unit with
a smaller footprint to allow the addition of another laser welder.


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Remember Baldric? It seems only a couple of years ago that we introduced you to our laser welder, Baldric (Brilliantly Amazing Laser Device Required for Intricate Construction).
So integral has the laser welder become in our ability to focus on quality hand-crafted jewellery manufacturing, that in the 13+ years that we have utilised its valuable contribution, Baldric, not surprisingly, has slowed down and been unable to function at full capacity.
Baldric is still with us, but we have added another member of the laser welder family to our crew.

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Introducing ‘PAL’
An ORION brand, amazingly Powerful and Accurate Laser welder made in Italy and marketed through the US.
As well as similar attributes, such as the fine detail and accurate capabilities of BALDRIC, one of the amazing additional benefits of this machine is the onboard camera system making it perfect for instruction and demonstration of its abilities.
Next time you visit the Abrecht Bird workshop, come in and meet PAL and enquire if a demo is possible.

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