Jarrad Mcerlain, Abrecht Bird jeweller, quality jeweller, experienced jeweller

Jarrad’s makers marks. Each piece he makes has these symbols stamped inside

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This Tanzanite and diamond pendant is just one of many pieces Jarrad has made

A little more about Jarrad

I truly believe I could not have chosen a better career than being a creator of fine jewellery, although perhaps that is partially because it found me.

Born in August 1984, I was brought up in a wonderful family with a love for music and artistic appreciation. Being artistic expresses who I am and being a jeweller allows for an immeasurable universe of opportunity that I can see being supported and encouraged daily here at Abrecht Bird Jewellers.

I fell in love with dance at the age of five and continued dance as a dedicated time-consuming hobby for eighteen years. With most of my dance flair flowing out of tap shoes, it took some time before I would discover and pursue the delicate delight that is ballet.

Dancing, music, theatre, painting, sketching and many other artistic escapes allowed me to be a playful child, teenager, grown adult and now father!

My beautiful wife Leah and I were married in February 2008 and we are the proud parents of two beautiful children, Patrick and Charlotte.

We are so very happy helping them grow into wonderful human beings even though they are growing up quicker than we can keep track of!

When I started a Building Design Diploma in 2003, I thought I would become an architect of design housing. Little did I know that I was to become an architect, designer and builder, only on a much smaller scale. Becoming less enthralled in the course, I sought the guidance of a career counselor who, after exploring some ideas, suggested I become a jeweller. Bells started ringing and my eyes lit up and the next day I was in the city trying to sate my jewellery hunger.

I responded to an advertisement for a first year apprentice, attended an interview the next day, and began work at the bench within 24 hours.

Not one day has passed since then that I do not feel that same excitement and enthusiasm for the job. Now that I am with Abrecht Bird, I feel part of a professional, warm and creative team that makes styling jewellery all the more enjoyable.

The future is coming our of our hands!

We are eternally grateful that you appreciate our commitment to quality and our endeavour for excellence.