Greg John’s Design For The JAA Design Awards

Greg John’s Jewellers Association of Australia Design Awards Entry

Every few years the Jewellers Association of Australia runs an Australasian jewellery design and manufacturing competition.
This year our three jewellers created unique pieces to be submitted. As there was no specific design brief, each jeweller had their own motivation and inspiration to drive them.

Greg’s piece was selected as a finalist for the awards.

The creation: After The Big Bang

Designed and hand crafted on site in our workshop – ‘After The Big Bang’ is a contemporary pearl enhancer for opera length pearls. Crafted by hand in 18 carat yellow and white gold, it is set with a trilliant shaped blue zircon and black and white diamonds.

The inspiration behind the jewellery

‘A passion to create, inspired by the ultimate creation – the Big Bang. With a superb blue zircon as the central focus, the outward “explosion”’ of precious metals and diamonds hold on-to the pearls as if by a magnetic attraction.’

Our onsite workshop

Hand crafted in our workshop the creativity and durability of hand made jewellery is second to none. Jewellery creations are only limited by your imagination. Browse our gallery here for your own design inspiration and contact us today to make an appointment 


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