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The finished custom designed masterpiece

Greg’s sketch/design 

Client partaking in our “Workshop Experience’ to help create Greg’s beautiful design

Fireworks – For ages, they have been the symbol of celebration, heralding new times and chapters in history.

By their very existence, they evoke dreams of anticipation with equal amounts of wonder and danger. An explosion of colour draws the eye to fill the mind with expectations of excitement. The circles of bright lights evolve into shapes of cascading, coloured stars falling back along their tracer paths to their origin.

 One of the most rewarding experiences we can have here at ABJ is working with people who have faith in our ability to create and turn their dreams into wearable works of art. We recently had the privilege to create a very special large dress ring using a most spectacular and unusually cut amethyst, along with a collection of multi-coloured gemstones in varying cuts and vibrant colours, including blue and yellow sapphires, rubies and green tsavorite garnets.

The brief was to create a ring representing ‘fireworks’.

After sourcing the gemstones, and several design modifications later, this design was chosen. Unique gemstones call for unique ideas, and I proposed the idea of five or six flat ‘claws’ around each stone to give the appearance of the coloured ‘stars’ exploding when viewed from the top. These ‘exploding’ colours are all emanating from coloured gold ‘tracers’ (the path of the rocket or flare before the firework explosion) crafted in 18ct rose, yellow and white gold.

Where possible, we encourage our clients to participate in the ‘workshop experience’ by rolling out some of the metal to be used in their piece.

My design philosophy is to have all shapes appear to ‘move’ or flow from every direction of view; curves and waveforms blend perfectly with the concept of exploding fireworks.As a Master Jeweller, and an artist in precious metals, I take great pride in my work and satisfying clients with pieces to produce that WOW moment on collection.

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