Nickel is a metal from the periodic table and is used in jewellery as an alloy with other metals.

It has been alloyed with gold for many years and is chosen for its durability and hard-wearing properties. It is quite often mixed with pure gold to createAbrecht Bird Jewellers, Melting gold, Nickel allergy, contact dermatitis, jewellery allergy, allergic reaction to jewellery 18 and 9 carat white gold as well as in other metals.

The content of nickel in these alloys can vary depending on the country and the ‘mix’ or quantity of gold used.

Nickel can produce contact allergies in some people

Nickel can produce an allergic contact dermatitis in some people which inflames the skin and can have the appearance of red inflamed and itchy and bumpy skin.

This can be a concern if you have purchased jewellery heavily alloyed with nickel (most commonly from overseas where standards deviate from Australia and in poor quality/cheap jewellery).

If you have this issue, there are sadly no remedies from this allergy except avoiding the wear of these alloyed items.  However………

Abrecht Bird Jewellers, Melting gold, Nickel allergy, contact dermatitis, jewellery allergy,

Australia has minimal if no nickel in their alloyed golds

Thankfully Australia has minimal or no nickel in their alloyed golds and are therefore they are generally safe to wear with few or no complications.

It may not be a nickel allergy

Another cause for concern (and quite often confused for a nickel allergy) is contact dermatitis. This is often caused by moisture, water or dirt build up being trapped under or inside the ring, preventing your skin from breathing and causing aggravation.

This is more often caused from rings which are wider than normal (generally above 5mm wide) or hollowed out from

underneath providing a reservoir for moisture. This can generally be prevented by thoroughly drying your hands after exposure to moisture (eg: washing your hands) – this includes the jewellery as well.

allergic reaction to gold, Do I have a nickel allergy or dematitis?, Abrecht Bird Jewellers, Abrecht Bird,If rings are hollowed out from underneath (as some mass-produced rings are to lighten the weight) the above applies or if the problem doesn’t resolve modification of the rings may be required.

We have found a number of customers can have this issue and the problem can be solved with some modifications to their jewellery and regular jewellery maintenance. You can make an appointment with us to discuss this on 03 9650 3830 or email us

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