Would Your Partner Prefer To Design Their Own Engagement Ring?

Would Your Partner Prefer To Design Their Own Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring is the stunning symbol of everlasting love and the favourite piece of jewellery your loved one wears forever! While traditionally, if you were going to propose, you’d choose the engagement ring – but that trend is changing!

Of course, the element of surprise is the most important factor that makes popping of the question and the presentation of the engagement ring all that special. But while your partner might love to be surprised by the love of their life, they may also dream of wearing the most exquisite engagement ring. It comes as no surprise that today your loved one might want to have a say in the engagement ring.

A survey showed that one out of three people who have been proposed to opt for a custom-designed engagement ring. Close to 75% of recently engaged people that had a surprise engagement ring wished they had been consulted first!

There could be many reasons why purchasing a ring without consulting your partner could be problematic:

  • Stones that are ill-fitting or too small
  • Wrong colour of stone or precious metal
  • Dislike for the design choice
  • Wrong shape or size of the engagement ring

Why your partner prefers to design their custom engagement ring

  • Each individual is unique, and so are the design choices! Even though you trust and love each other, you may not always have the same design, style or colour preferences. Many people have a fair idea of how they want their engagement ring to look. As the engagement ring is something that will be worn for the rest of their lives, your loved one would want to wear a ring of their liking.
  • The engagement ring is an eternal symbol of romance and trust, but the aesthetics and quality of the ring does matter to many people. If you’re the type that doesn’t pay close attention to the minute details such as colour combinations, pattern, gems or precious stones or the current fashion trend, and your partner is detail-oriented when it comes to precious jewellery it might be a good idea to choose the ring together.
  • Choosing their own engagement ring is also important to your partner as it indicates that their choices and opinions count. Being proactive in custom-designing the engagement ring is a way of respecting their choices. For many others, selecting the engagement ring together with the jewellery consultant is a joyous adventure in itself! Many couples would love the experience of browsing through hundreds of custom designs, discussing with an expert and designing the ring.

Custom-design your engagement ring at Abrecht Bird Jewellers

When you want nothing but the best of professionals to handle your custom engagement ring design and manufacturing, Abrecht Bird Jewellers is the standout choice.

Our master designers work closely with you to offer expert advice and guidance on the style, colour, pattern and stones so that you can be inspired to come up with your unique design.

You can also browse through our extensive catalogue that features amazing creations while discussing every detail with our experts including width, thickness, setting and type of metal.

Get in touch with us today to custom-design your engagement ring. Email us to schedule an appointment info@abrecht.com or call us 03 9650 3830 to start your design process.

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