Bespoke handmade diamond pendant

Who wants a jewellery store that sells the same designs as everyone else! Our jeweller Eleanor made this one off pendant currently on display in our gallery. Inspired by nature, hand made with skill.

‘This slider pendant is part one of a three-piece series I designed based on nature and its flora and fauna.
The simple geometric framework is paired with an organic twisting and interlocking vine that’s adorned with a variety of leaves, yellow gold granules representing wattle and a scattering of diamonds representing the morning dew.’-  Eleanor Hawke

Thinking of having your next piece of jewellery custom made? Let Eleanor or one of our experienced jewellery team individually design your next unique piece. Make an appointment today by emailing us at or call to make an appointment 03 9650 3830. Follow Eleanor’s creation’s on our instagram page here and Eleanor’s personal jewellery page here

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