Engagement Rings

Engagement rings

The decision to propose – to make a commitment to sharing a life together, has been marked by the presentation of an engagement ring for centuries. The ring represents a celebration of love and is a dedication to friends and family that the couple has found the perfect partner.

Sometimes one partner wants to keep the proposal as a surprise, so they will choose the ring and look forward to the moment they present it.  Hopefully they’ve done some research to find out the style preferred by their partner. Others enjoy the experience of shopping together to find their perfect engagement ring.

Important factors in the selection of such a significant ring are the design, method of production, and of course budget. The style of ring is a reflection of personal taste – the classic is the solitaire engagement ring but others may prefer the single stone to be surrounded and so the halo engagement ring design is very popular at present. The centre feature can also be enhanced by setting smaller stones in the shoulders of the ring.

Most engagement rings are now mass produced – the result of pouring gold into a mould. The alternative is to have your individual design and to have it made by hand by a skilled jeweller designer.  Collaboration with an experienced jeweller adds to the joy of creation of a unique engagement ring. Hand making the design will also enhance the durability as the precious metals are worked and hardened in the process of production.

Planning the design with an experienced jeweller (hopefully also one trained as a gemmologist) also allows the selection of the ideal gemstone(s). Participating in this very special way will ensure that this gift of love will have the utmost significance – a symbol of ever-lasting devotion.

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