Myth – Diamonds are indestructable

A diamond with a surface fracture

A diamond with a large internal fracture that is surface reaching

A diamond that has been ‘burnt’ by excessive heat

Myth – Diamonds are indestructable

Diamonds are the hardest substance in nature.

Classified as 10 (the very top) on the Mohs’ hardness scale, only a diamond can scratch another diamond. This makes them incredibly durable for jewellery, especially rings as they will resist wear and tear that other softer gems may not.

Diamond toughness

The definition of toughness in a gemstone is how resistant it is to cracking, chipping or breaking. Diamonds are incredibility tough however any stone, including diamond will break if hit hard enough in the right place.

Due to diamonds crystal structure and atom bonds they are tougher in certain directions and weaker in others. The further apart the atoms the weaker the bonds and the easier the diamond is to break, these directions are called cleavage.

Durability in diamond

Durability is a gemstone’s ability to withstand wear, heat and chemicals and a diamond has all of these qualities.

The only threat to a diamonds durability is its risk to thermal shock, causing fractures inside the stone or existing inclusions to increase in size. This generally only occurs with extreme temperatures like a fire or negligence by a jeweller when using a torch for repairs.

How do I know if my diamond is ok?

Having your jewellery checked every twelve months for wear and tear is a must and additionally stones should also be checked and customers advised if damage has occurred to their diamonds.

What if my diamond is damaged?

If you do have a diamond that is damaged, there is a possibility, depending on the size, to have it re-cut, removing the damage and even improving the proportions and brilliance. This avoids the need to purchase a new diamond, but is subject to the inclusions already present within the stone. Contact us here if you have further questions. This is a service we provide giving new life to your sentimental gemstones and jewellery.

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