Eleanor Hawke’s JAA Design Competition entry

‘Spring Morn At Macedon’

After selecting a green tourmaline for my piece, a weekend trip to Mount Macedon with my husband and our dog inspired me to create a nature themed dress ring.

The beautiful unique shade of green tourmaline echoed the colour of the Macedon Ranges.

The tourmaline would be the hero and centre stone of my piece with yellow and white diamonds set in an asymmetrical halo.

I chose to feature yellow and white diamonds, as the colour contrast worked well with the green and they would represent the blossoms and wattle found in this region in spring.

The central white gold band follows the curves and flow of the landscape.

The band is made up of three different sections, two yellow gold and one white gold. The outside yellow gold sections mimic the organic lines found in nature, while the central white gold band follows the curves and flow of the landscape.

Continuing the nature theme, the shank is scattered with a variety of yellow and green gold leaves, yellow gold granules and bezel set white diamonds. All these components are brought together with intertwining white gold vines.’

Read more about Eleanor here and be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram to see how her beautiful work is made.

Be sure to visit and view Eleanor’s piece while it’s on display in our gallery. Hers and many others are part of an ongoing Abrecht Bird Jewellers gallery with changing themes and pieces from past clients and designs for purchase.

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