Design Your Own Gemstone Ring

Design Your Own Gemstone Ring

Looking to design your own ring? We at Abrecht Bird Jewellers are reputed designers and manufacturers of high-quality, hand-made diamond and precious gem jewellery.

With unique designs that are found nowhere else, you can be assured of owning a stunning creation that is made just for you!

Create your own gemstone ring with us

We source, supply and showcase only the very best coloured gemstones that are perfect for every occasion, including engagement, wedding, anniversary and so on.

As the leading designers and manufacturers of gemstones, custom-designed jewellery and bespoke diamond wedding and engagement rings, we have a combined legacy that goes back over 140 years. It all began 30 years ago with a partnership between Fred Robt. Abrecht (established in 1875) and J Bird and Son (established in 1910) and the jewellery house is now being managed by the fourth-generation descendants who are focused on preserving the core values of the company.

Greg John, our master jewellery designer, has a rich experience of over 40 years with the ability to create the most exquisite jewellery that are unique in every way. He is supported by two highly qualified jewellers in their own right with top awards to their names.

Positive experience, unmatched quality and superb designs are the hallmarks of Abrecht Bird Jewellers.

Steps to design your own ring

If you are looking for expert help to design your own gemstone engagement ring, you can book a free consultation with our master designers who help you get started right away! While you relax in the comfortable ambience of our stunning showroom, you can go through our collections and inspired creations.

We have the most extensive collection of precious gemstones ranging from pearl, diamond, sapphire, amethyst, emerald, ruby, tanzanite to morganite that makes it easy for you to design your own gemstone ring.

The steps involved are simple! First, choose the size and type of gemstone of your liking – our jewellery designers can help you choose the best gemstone based on your preferences, personality, birth date/month or zodiac sign. If you wish to design your ring with diamonds, our skilled gemmologists will guide you on choosing the right diamond based on its cut, clarity, colour and carat. Our clients also enjoy learning how to verify clarity gradings using a 10X power loupe! While they feel confident about their choice, our experts are always on hand to give the most reliable advice.

The next step is to choose a ring style to go with your gemstone. Here is where our artists bring-alive possible designs by sketching them. While you can get to see how your ring looks, any modifications or changes can be easily made at this stage.

The next step is to select the right ring size. At Abrecht Bird Jewellers, we can demonstrate our unique hinged ring system that can be custom-made for those who have swollen or enlarged knuckles.

Our master craftsmen produce the perfect gemstone ring of your dreams after finalising the design.

Be a proud owner of a stunning gemstone ring! Contact us or visit our showroom for a free consultation.