Custom Wedding Bands

Custom Wedding Bands

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life! Celebrations begin with the engagement itself and continue as you prepare for the big day. While you and your loved one may have the perfect custom engagement ring, now it’s the time to match it with the perfect wedding ring (or wedding band).

We at Abrecht Bird Jewellers know how to make your special day even more special! We are the specialists when it comes to custom wedding bands that add to and perfectly fit your engagement ring.

We have the most extensive range of solutions for those looking for custom wedding bands to fit your engagement ring. At our elegant and comfortable showroom, you can find endless options for inspiration as you walk in.

While you take in our wide-ranging collections of rare and unique gemstones, hinged rings, diamond rings and other metal jewellery, our master designer is always at hand to provide unique insights into custom wedding rings.

The best of custom wedding rings at Abrecht Bird Jewellers

As unique as you and your wedding day is the fabulous collection of exquisite jewellery and craftsmanship at Abrecht Bird Jewellers.

With a rich legacy that spans more than 230 years, we have the undeniable reputation and competence to deliver nothing but the best in terms of custom wedding rings to our clients.

Custom wedding bands to fit engagement ring

While you have chosen the perfect engagement ring to suit your individual style, leave the rest to us. Our most talented and creative master designers work with you to come up with the ideal custom wedding bands to fit engagement ring.

Some engagement rings with a classic style are designed to fit flush with straight wedding band. Our designers can help determine if your engagement ring sits flush with a straight band. While this is a simple option, there are endless options for choosing matched sets.

If your engagement ring has a custom design with a unique contour, you are in the right place! We have just the right talent and the most experienced jewelry designers and craftsmen to help you match a custom wedding band. Notching, contouring or a combination of both are some techniques we use when making custom wedding bands to fit engagement ring.

In contouring, the wedding band has a design that matches the engagement ring’s curvature in the front. Notched rings have a notch that enables the two rings to fit together perfectly.

Does your engagement ring have a more elaborate or dramatic design? No task is too complex or too simple for us!

Whether your engagement ring has an elongated shape or has an emerald, oval or marquise centre gemstone, we give you the best of both worlds of notching and contouring to create an amazing fit.

Matching the engagement ring with a custom wedding band is like solving a beautiful puzzle which we at Abrecht Bird Jewellers excel in! Our creative artists come up with complementary design solutions that give stunning results.