What is Tsavorite?

Tsavorite is the green variety of grossularite garnet. It was first discovered in 1967 by Campbell Bridges, a geologist, who found the first deposit in north east Tanzania.

Tsavorite was known only to mineralogists until 1971 when mining permits were given and interest on this beautiful green gemstone gained interest in the gemstone market.

Why the name Tsavorite?

The gemstone was given its name by Tiffany and Co in 1974 to gain broader recognition of the mineral. Naming it in honor of Tsavo East National Park, located in Kenya.

Why choose Tsavorite?

Tsavorite though green in colour, has a hue different to emerald, ranging from yellow green to deep green. It surpasses emerald in clarity and durability and due to limited locality, are generally found in sizes of less than 1 carat and jump up significantly in price depending on size.

It is a very durable gemstone, with a hardness of 7 on the Moh’s hardness scale, which gives it the same durability as Amethyst or Tourmaline. Unlike other gemstones there are no enhancements or treatments done to Tsavorite which is what makes this stone so appealing.

Garnets are the birthstone for January and the gemstone to celebrate 2nd and 25th wedding anniversaries, however any special occasion can be celebrated with this vibrant lustrous stone.






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