Jewellery Family

We are proud of our family heritage. It gives us great pleasure to be serving the grandchildren of clients first looked after by our own grandparents.

We see our business, and hence our clients, as an extension of our family. Our mission statement testifies to our commitment of maintaining the trust established between our families over the generations.

The extended “Abrecht Jewellery Family” is an initiative we hope will add considerable value to our relationship with our clients.


Members will be entitled to a range of benefits:

  • An Abrecht Jewellery Family Membership Card
  • The establishment of a ‘Family Register’
  • Valuation updates
  • Free clean and check of jewellery
  • Exclusive invitations to Special Events
  • Eligibility to enter the annual Jewellery Design Competition
  • A referral reward scheme

A record of your family jewellery details, including photography, can be invaluable when insurance, inheritance or new gift pieces are in question.

The Membership Card

This card acts as the link between all the Family services. The membership number enables us to track all relevant purchases and services whilst maintaining an up to the date register.

Family Jewellery Register

Today’s computer technology allows us to store photographs and details about jewellery pieces we have made or valued. Such an inventory list is invaluable in the event of a burglary or other loss, speeding the settlement of claims and subsequently the replacement of treasured items.

Jewellery is often passed down between generations; the register may assist when making inheritance decisions and will certainly will be valuable for estate purposes.

Family members needing to choose gifts to compliment existing jewellery will be assisted by reference to the register, not to mention the husband whose memory of such details can desert him in the showroom.

If you have an interest in your family jewellery, or jewellery in general, a Jewellery Family Membership Card will allow you access to loads of opportunities, services and information.

Valuation Updates

Most insurance companies now require jewellery to be revalued every five years. Once we have valued a piece and it is therefore on the register, a quick check of the item to ensure the standard and safety of any gems will ensure that a future update can be produced without the need to hold the item for appraisal. This is available at just over half the normal valuation price.

Free Clean and Check

At the moment, this service applies to clients who receive our newsletter, with a limitation of two items.

Family members can have any jewellery purchased using the card checked and cleaned as often as they wish.

Special Events

Jewellery family members will receive invitations to attend special in-house functions (such as exhibitions of pearls, gold jewellery, or coloured diamonds). Furthermore, we will notify members should any International exhibitions of note visit Melbourne.


Design Competition

This is an annual competition to design a piece of jewellery. The winner is offered the opportunity to actually make their design (under the careful guidance of our Master Jeweller of course). Think how exciting this would be! Details of the next Competition will be posted on this site and in our Newsletter.

Referral Reward Scheme

We owe our reputation and existence to the custom of existing families and those they refer to us. Our “thank you” for the referral of new clients will take the form of “diamond points”. For every new referral by a “Family member”, reward points will be accumulated which can be redeemed at a later stage in diamonds added to future remodels or orders.

Details of this and other features can be found on the application form (available upon request).

We urge you to take advantage of the benefits by responding now.